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Some people are born knowing who they are and where they are going while others spend their entire lives trying to find out. Yet, some never do.

Liana remembers drawing and painting as a toddler. Liana has been painting at 3 years of age. Her father, a musician and architect, recognized her talent in music and fine art and became her first and most important teacher. At age five, Liana began playing the piano and expressing the feelings of the characters Liana Gor drew. Like many children of the arts, Liana Goroian was accepted at art school at age six. Liana began her formal training and two years later took part in local, countrywide, and international juried exhibitions.

At the age of eight Liana Goroian entered a Russian-Armenian International exhibition “Kids represent the Peaceful World”, receiving a gold medal. In 1969 at nine, Liana received the Grand Prix at the annual International Exhibition in Moscow.

My experiences

  • Influenced by photographs
    First solo show in a prestigious Moscow gallery in 1989. Influenced by photographs left by her great grandmother-a actress in Stanislavsky Theatre- and by her great grandfather-an officer in the Czar’s army-the several paintings generated immediate interest.
  • United States
    In 1994 Liana moved to the United States with her family. In Los Angeles, Liana worked as story board artist, illustrator, textile designer, graphic designer, and apparel designer for different companies, also was a teacher in her own Art Studio.
  • Manhattan Arts International Magazine
    March 2000
    In March 2000 Liana was awarded an Artist Showcase at Manhattan Arts International Magazine and had her artwork featured in the publication.Since 1998 Liana Goroian has participated in group exhibitions organized by Orlando Gallery in Encino, CA, SOHO Art Gallery in Studio City, CA and also her artwork presented at ArtConnectionLA Gallery, CA, Orlando Gallery, CA and Charles Hecht Galleries, CA. In March 2001 her artwork was selected and exhibited at the Art Quest exhibition at Forth Smith Convention Center, in December 2002 at Lankershim Art Gallery, NOHO Arts District, CA, in January 2003 at Don O’Melveny Gallery, West Hollywood, CA and in March 2004 at Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood, CA. Liana had numerous Exhibitions in Italy and Spain.
  • Women often live
    In her paintings, women often live in a mystical world, surrounded by bizarre forms, signs and objects – a world real to them, to be taken seriously. “Mirror of Art Nouveau”, her first collection, was twelve works about love, life and beauty, “My daughter and her dance students were the prototypes for my characters”, says Liana. Designing costumes for these models, Liana drew numerous preliminary sketches. Liana Goroian peers into an inner spiritual world and expresses that on canvas.
  • Why are my subject’s women?
    ” Because beauty excites me, I like to see transformations, diversity, the layers covering the vulnerable paleness of a female arm, or tender mat luster of flesh; the skin’s translucence beneath a film of gauze draping a naked body. It might as well be the ultramarine of the night sky and the whiteness of the stars. My brush does not just move about the surface, it carefully penetrates the space of another dimension, going beyond the frontier – which is insurmountable to anyone else. There truly is space and life behind that fragile margin, as in a mirror. Of these space and life forms I express my daily chronicles, of their everyday life and feasts. And – of women who belong there”.

Awards & memberships:

  • 1981:
    Soviet Union State Diploma for Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts
  • 1985:
    Member of the USSR Artists Union
  • 1991:
    “Teacher of the year” Award for Outstanding Achievement, Armenian State University of Fine Arts;
  • 1992:
    “Best Artist of the Year” Award, Yerevan, Armenia.

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