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Liana GorSome people are born knowing who they are and where they are going while others spend their entire lives trying to find out.  Read More ...

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Wholesale Application
  1. If you are interested in carrying Liana Gor in your retail store please fill out this application and we will review your submission. When your application is accepted we will email you a login and password which you can use to access the Wholesale Order Form. We will also contact you via phone to get credit card information to keep on file. A credit card is our preferred method of payment.
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    A non-refundable 50% payment will be due upon receipt of wholesale orders. Once payment is processed production will begin on your order. Final 50% payment plus shipping will be due on or before three (3) weeks when merchandise is ready to be shipped. We will notify you via email when your final payment is processed and when your order has been shipped. Failure to comply will result in termination of your order and a 10% processing fee of the total order. We accept returns/exchanges within 10 business days after you receive your order. You must email us at and type RETURN in the subject line to obtain a return authorization and instructions on returning merchandise. Once your return is received we will process your refund.
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