Liana Gor Art is a poem without words

Few words about me

Liana GorSome people are born knowing who they are and where they are going while others spend their entire lives trying to find out.  Read More ...

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My involvement with art began in early childhood when I would listen to music and then inspired to “make music on paper”.

My creations are the recurring themes of mystery, romance, love and beauty. These are unifying elements in body in my work and specialty helpful inexpressive in my painting a celebration of the strength and beauty of women. A fundamental aspect of my artist philosophy is to use my talent as a means of giving back to the community and making a positive influence in this world. As an artist, I aim to give free rein to the supraconsciousness. During this process I paint with both my hand and my heartland want to become the instrument that creates the art. One of my creative process entails a meditation, where I simply try to become one with my artwork. I put aside all preconceived ides of how a painting should be constructed and discard any worry of such elements as composition, perspective, lighting and colors . For me, painting is talking without words. 

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